Bringing you the indie scene of design world.

“I wouldn’t want to live in a world where people would lack the skill to do something with their hands.”

Aap Piho

“Studio Living is predominantly a personal choice of makers, brands, small design companies and artisans that have caught my eye working in design and whom I’d like to introduce.

Many people behind these brands I know personally, I have befriended or crossed paths with whilst working in European independent design-scene. Studio Living acts as a design explorer rather than a shop front, with the main focus on seeking these astonishing and exceptional designer brands.”

Standing for the creative livings with personality.

One of our main objectives is to find and introduce to you sustainably produced everyday ware from small, exceptional and un-known craftsmen and artisan makers originating from Estonia, our region and Europe in general. They are often provincial small manufacturers, their work comes from the heart and is essential to their communities as skilled crafters, promoters of culture and employers. Authentic pieces for real people. Often bold objects you wouldn’t find in stores.