So Simpatico
I walked the narrow streets of Barcelona and looked for the Mobles 114 office. We scheduled a meeting. It is evidently a good part of the city, beautiful historic houses, narrow streets, not noisy at all, clean, some nice cafes, some law offices, tall doors of historic apartment buildings. In my imagination, I was looking for a representative downtown furniture store with large windows when I glimpsed a narrow and tall glass facade. A very tasteful, unexaggerated and discreetly designed entrance. Dimly lit. The first question was, is this some kind of architecture firm? I walked in, beautiful concrete floor, examples of design classics on both sides of the wall. In the background, a very ascetic office, a bit studio-like, industrial, minimal but in a good way – just such  an architectural firm or gallery vibe. I know they are very unique, different but I was baffled. Just so simpatico.

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And the people. Like meeting old friends (well, we have years of history together, but), so warm and welcoming. Joan, the Global Sales Director with his bold-framed Moscot glasses reminded more like an writer or journalist from New York (in fact he lived there for years, there’s the look). Such a lovely, smart company. If only all design brands would think like they do. They don’t launch new products every year. Why should you, if you are in the business of timelessness quality? Instead, they occasionally improve the current product line, add some new smart feature, some super cool colors for products ranging from early 30’s to Modernist classics like Tria shelving system from 1978 and still looking fresh as a daisy. I LOVE MOBLES 114. I really do. And so should you.