The Elegance of Imperfection. Renzo Serafini.

In an era of technology, digitalisation and mass production the concept of imperfection, honesty, purist, slowness and the handmade
can not be more refreshing. Renzo Serafini is the artisan behind this exceptional lighting brand.
Today we are really excited to introduce you this creative light brand in Studio Living selection.

The Necessary

“The great difficulty lies in removing, not adding. And what is left when we eliminate the superfluous? The necessary. I love to define my Light simple, dusty, imperfect although I think it’s almost impossible to define light. Light is a concept, it is a philosophy of understanding the world around us”, says Serafini. Atmosphere, functionality, emotion – Renzo says his job today is to make people discover and love light, transforming spaces according to their stories and feelings they want to tell.

We Need Things Done Well, More Importantly Things Done Well With Passion

Every space has a different function and story to tell, and we design according to this. The world doesn’t need duplicates, it needs innovators, things done well and even more so things done well with passion. Renzo Serafini lighting is precisely this.

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