Name Cap
Brand Mobboli
Price from €179.00 + VAT
Design Ximo Roca
Materials Steel, plywood, upholstery

Collection of chairs and stools design Ximo Roca, inspired by the kitchen chairs of the 50’s and 60’s. Cap seeks through its soft and gentle lines, to create a functional space where people feel relaxed. Customizable according to your needs or desires by choosing models, materials and finishes from the collection. Both, chairs and stools are stackable. Seat and backrest come in laminated wood plywood of high resistance and easy cleaning for collective or personal spaces more functional and lighter. In its upholstered version, it can be chosen from any of the fabrics in the sample book of the brand or from the appropriate fabric provided by the customer. In its wood version, the laminate will be available in Light Oak, Dark Oak, White or Grey.CAP stools use the same seat and backrest as the chairs in the collection, upholstered or stratified, or combining both options, have two heights in the structure without arms, 65 and 75 cm seat height, for use in bar and high counter or for use in table or counter.