Name Eiermann 3
Brand Richard Lampert
Price from €318.00 + VAT
Design Alexander Seifried
Materials Steel or stainless steel, different worktops

A practical addition to the original. Inspired by the original 1953 Egon Eiermann table frame, in 2014, the designer Alexander Seifried had the idea for a universally deployable trestle base. Egon Eiermann loved fresh ideas: Alexander Seifried knew this and, full of respect for the renowned architect and designer, he took the original lateral elements of the table frame and added stretchers of varying lengths, which can be mounted centrally or off-centre. As a result, the folding trestle can be used in various ways, for example for a small desk, a round dining table or a long conference table. Its application is not set in stone, and can be changed again and again. A small secretarial desk with a 100 x 60 cm tabletop and off-centre cross-stretchers for more leg room becomes a base for a dining table with a larger tabletop, or, with an additional set of stretchers, for an up to 4-metre long table. If the original ›Eiermann 1‹ table does not meet your requirements, we recommend the practical ›Eiermann 3‹ trestle table.