Name Ika
Brand Tink Things
Price from €340.00 + VAT
Design Tink Things
Materials Solid ash wood structure, OEKO-TEX® certificated 3D mesh fabric and strong aluminum

Stylish and playful, our award-winning chairs provide the support children need for developing emotional regulation while aiding their focus and memory skills. Ika’s flexible seat allows kids to fidget, helping them stay balanced and getting those wiggles out. Its innovative design is perfect for rocking and bouncing when they need a boost, or a moment to enjoy some playful fidgeting. Ika helps children stay focused while learning because their brains thrive with movement. Made of sustainable FSC certificated solid ash wood, OEKO-TEX® certificated 3D mesh fabric and strong aluminum. Tested for strength, durability, safety and stability. Produced and delivered responsibly.