Name Jig Easy Chair
Brand Massproductions
Price from €431.00 + VAT
Design Chris Martin
Materials Steel frame, upholstered seat

JIG is uniquely made from twelve simple steel tubes, placed in a jig, that are welded together in a fresh design for an old typology. Chairs made of tubes are often bent with a radius at the corners, resulting in a softer expression. With JIG, designer Chris Martin chose instead to cut the tubes straight off and let them keep their shape, which gives the chairs its sharp, pointed look. “The Jig chair could have been designed shortly after the invention of the steel tube. And the many colour and fabric options for the upholstered back and seat, reminded me of a colouring book where the artist can fill in the blanks with whatever colour they choose.” Chris Martin. The JIG was originally made for public environments, with a focus on comfort, while being easily stackable and robust.