Name Umo
Brand Nobonobo
Price from 1803.00 € + VAT
Design Nobonobo
Materials Solid wood, steel, plywood, upholstery

Umo is a model which has a lot of options and can be configured in a number of ways. The seat and the chaise longue are available in different widths and lengths, armrests in two heights, that is why it is possible to adjust the corner sofa to the most demanding spaces. By choosing a pouf to the set, an additional sleeping space for unexpected guests can be quickly created. Umo is an extremely soft and comfortable corner sofa. Such features can only be obtained by properly choosing carefully selected components. For even greater seating comfort, the filling of the corner sofa is enriched in addition with natural feathers which give a sense of softness and comfort. We know from experience that Umo sofa looks best in velour fabrics, which are soft and pleasant to the touch, but in connection with the fact that it has distinctive reverse sewing, it looks well also made from leather. Ask for your size.