Name w162 Dalston
Brand Wästberg
Price from €342.00 + VAT
Design Sam Hecht & Kim Colin
Materials Aluminium

w162 dalston is influenced by the lamps commonly found in workshops and warehouses. These lamps display an honesty and practicality in their light output, materiality and durability. w162 dalston refines and updates this practicality with the latest LED light source, directing light downwards, as well as partly illuminating its outside shade. A die-cast aluminium LED unit acts both as an efficient heat-sink and as a method of carrying different shade sizes in spun metal. The method of construction – die-cast LED unit and separate shade – allows for extensive customisation, using the RAL system. This gives you the possibility to match w162 dalston perfectly to any interior specification. The lamps are suitable for domestic, hospitality and contract use.