The Halo Edition

We are super excited to introduce you this Milanese design studio Mandalaki, whose goal is the union of art with technology.
Combining the research with innovative industrial design process, Mandalaki create unique pieces of high conceptual value that are more than just a
source of illumination.

A word from the creators

“We designed the Halo to fit different environments in delicate ways,” Mandalaki Co-founder and Halo Edition creator Enrico De Lotto, say.
“The Halo collection features five styles, each carved from a solid plate of high-end black anodized aluminum and assembled in Milan using high-quality iron, brass, and glass.
What we try to do is create an object that has the sense to exist and, most importantly, allows people to experiment. In this case,we wanted to bring large suns,
personal sunsets, into our homes: chromatic landscapes capable of broadening our perception of spaces and delicately illuminating interiors.

A Digital Detox

We will increasingly want products that disconnect us from smartphones or computers.
“We believe it is increasingly important to have household items that are capable of evoking a sense of mediation,
that relax the soul while relating us again to the immensity of nature.”

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